Mako M4/AR-15 Buttstock w/Built-in Magazine Carrier, Black.


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Mako M4/AR-15 Survival Buttstock w/Built-in Magazine Carrier, Black.

Whether it’s your accuracy or numerous target engagements – you can depend on your last ten chances with our Survival Buttstock w/Built-in 10 round Mag Carrier.  The GL-MAG incorporates an inconspicuous/sleek M4 Magazine Carrier.  Sleek Design with no Protruding Parts.  No More Awkward Magazine Pouch Dangling From Your Buttstock, Will Not Get Caught on Gear or Webbing.  Keeps all of the Characteristics of our M4 Buttstock, while incorporating a State of the Art Magazine Carrier.  Holds all Standard Sized M4 Magazines.  Positioned Close by for Convenient Mag Change, Providing you with that Tactical Edge You Need.  Unique Inversed Positioning Lever Incorporates a Quick Release Button Allowing Swift Clip Release.  Does Not Interfere or Change Buttstock to Shoulder Positioning. Ambidextrous Integrated Attachment Points for standard QD Quick Detach Sling Swivels.  Fits Perfectly on Both Mil-Spec and Aftermarket Commercial Tubes.  Made from Mil-Spec Reinforced Polymer Composite.