KNS Non Rotational Hammer and Trigger Pins Mod 2 .1555


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KNS Non Rotational Hammer and Trigger Pins Mod 2  .1555. These Generation 2 Mod 2 pin sets are strong and designed to withstand high impact of full and semi-automatic 9mm and .223 suppressed weapons. The pins are stainless steel. End retainers are black oxide. Special anti-creep retainers prevent wear on your receiver. Pin installation tool & 2 Allen wrenches included. No modification to firearm required. The .1555 dia. pin is for worn receiver trigger and hammer pin holes. Being non-rotational, further wear to your receiver is eliminated. They will also fit new receivers and will remove the free-play in match triggers. The .1555 will not fit Jewell Trigger System. For Rock River National Match triggers use the .1555 only. The only difference from the Gen 2 pin kit is the appearance of the sideplates. There is no strength difference. PLEASE READ the INSTRUCTIONS!!! Over-torquing the screws can casue damge to these sideplates.